Optimization - Yesterday's Solution

Tom Livernash - Thursday, September 24, 2015

A few years ago route optimization became “freight planning optimization” when new technology added considerably to the range of transportation options, modes, and carriers that could be considered in one powerful, speedy optimization process.  The old "Route Optimization" process which just looked at clustering LTL shipments into multi-stop truckloads was replaced by freight planning optimization, FPO, which could encompass a full range of options and carriers, including dedicated fleet, multiple LTL carriers, intermodal services to and from with pool points and continuous moves.  Despite this great expansion of the power of automation to speed and improve the transportation planning process, there was one key remaining limitation -- the analysis depended on freight rates retrieved from static rating tables in the host Transportation Management System (TMS). Read More...

3 Questions to Ask When Considering Route Optimization Systems

Tom Livernash - Monday, November 17, 2014

So you have decided to drag your company into the 21st century.  You are tired of trying to plan freight by shuffling papers and making phone calls.  You believe a load consolidation system will save your company time and money and improve service.  Well before you start down the long road of researching, cost justifying and getting approval on such a system you need to answer three questions: Read More...

3 Secrets to a Successful Load Optimization Implementation

Tom Livernash - Tuesday, September 02, 2014

When a firm begins to implement a route optimization system it does so with the expectation of maximizing services and minimizing cost. Companies can insure they meet these objectives by keeping three simple secrets in mind when implementing a load optimization system. Read More...


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